TitleQuantity in FrenchQuantity in English
Being an Informed Consumer in Québec – Services for immigrants (Folder, 2021)
Contracts related to funeral services and the purchase of a sepulture (Brochure, 2021)
Paiement minimum : intérêt$ maximum$ (Folder, in French only, 2020) Unavailable
Régler un litige de consommation avec PARLe (Folder, in French only, 2019) Unavailable
Leave with Peace of Mind – Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents (Dépliant, 2019)
Saviez-vous qu’il existe 3 types de garanties? (Folder, in French only, 2018) Unavailable
Advertising (Folder, French: 2012, English: 2006) Out of stock
Purchases made online, by telephone or by mail (Folder, French: 2012, English: 2008) Out of stock
Advertising Directed at Children under 13 Years of Age (Guide to the Application of Sections 248 and 249 Consumer Protection Act, 2012)
Your Kids and Ads (Brochure, French: 2008, English: 2009)
Overdue Accounts (Folder, French: 2012, English: 2007) Out of stock

Promotional items

TitleQuantity in FrenchQuantity in English
Le site Web de l’Office – Pour connaître et respecter vos obligations de commerçants (Bookmark, in French only, 2019) Unavailable
Aide-mémoire sur la Politique d’exactitude des prix (Small card, in French only, 2016) Unavailable
Le site Web de l’Office, la porte d’entrée des consommateurs informés « Section pour les consommateurs » (Bookmark, in French only, 2013) Unavailable

Promotional posters

TitleQuantity in FrenchQuantity in English
Partez l’esprit tranquille – Fonds d’indemnisation des clients des agents de voyages (Affiche 14" x 20", 2017) Non disponible
Saviez-vous qu’il existe 3 types de garanties (Poster 11,5" x 27", in French only, 2017) Unavailable

Politique d’exactitude des prix (Poster 19" x 27", in French only, 2016)

IMPORTANT: This is not the mandatory poster or display required by law.

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