The Office de la protection du consommateur advises you to contact a legal support organization before presenting a case to the small claims court. These organizations will provide information and valuable advice to help you prepare your case and point out elements to consider in your request.

The opening hours and services offered may vary according to the organization and the region it is located in. We recommend that you contact an organization before visiting them in person. 

Note that some organizations may also charge consultation fees.

The Web site Votre boussole juridique, also allows you to find community, government, and institutional services offered for free or inexpensively in your region.

Barreau du Québec referral service

The Barreau du Québec offers referral services to all citizens of the province of Québec. Consultations are by appointment only.

Montréal Office Québec City Office

The Bar of Montreal Referral Service
514 866-2490

Barreau de Québec Referral Service (in French only)
418 529-0301, ext. 21

Organizations serving several regions

Legal Aid Offices
View the contact information for legal aid offices on the website of the Commission des services juridiques.
514 873-3562


Regional organizations


ACEF du Grand-Portage (in French only)
418 867-8545
1 866 762-0269

Bas-Saint-Laurent Community Justice Center
418 722-7770
1 855 345-7770

Community Legal Centre of the Lower St. Lawrence–Gaspé Region (in French only)
418 722-4422


Bureau d’information juridique de l’Université Laval (in French only)
418 656-7211

Centre communautaire juridique de Québec (in French only)
418 627-4019

Québec Community Justice Center
418 614-2470
1 833 614-2470


ACEF Appalaches-Beauce-Etchemins (in French only)
418 338-4755
1 888 338-4755
Service outlets: Sainte-Marie, Saint-Georges, Lac-Etchemin, Saint-Joseph


Côte-Nord Community Justice Center
581 826-0088
1 844 960-7483


ACEF Estrie (in French only)
819 563-8144

Centre communautaire juridique de l'Estrie (in French only)
By appointment only
819 563-6122

Clinique d’information juridique de l’Université de Sherbrooke "La clé de vos droits" (in French only)
819 821-8000, ext. 65221

Laurentides, Lanaudière and Laval

ACEF Lanaudière (in French only)
By appointment only
450 756-1333
1 866 414-1333

Laval-Laurentides-Lanaudière Community Justice Center
450 990-8071
1 844 522-6900

Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec

Centre communautaire juridique de la Mauricie–Bois-Francs (in French only)
819 379-4175

Mauricie Community Justice Center
819 415-5835
1 888 542-1822

Service d’aide au consommateur (in French only)
By appointment only
819 537-1414


Centre communautaire juridique de la Rive-Sud (in French only)
450 928-7655

Montérégie Community Justice Center
579 723-3700
1 844 723-3700

Clinique juridique Juripop
450 845-1637, ext. 4
1 855 JURIPOP, ext. 4


Centre communautaire juridique de Montréal
514 864-2111

Greater Montreal Community Justice Center
514 227-3782

Legal Aid Clinic at the Université de Montréal's Faculty of Law
Services provided from September to March
By appointment only
514 343-7851, ext. 2

Mile End Legal Clinic
514 507-3054

YWCA Montreal
514 866-9941, option 9, ext. 293


Nunavik Community Justice Center
819 254-8567
1 833 844-8055


Centre communautaire juridique de l'Outaouais (in French only)
819 772-3011

Outaouais Community Justice Center
819 600-4600
1 844 606-4600

Assistance to prepare a small claims court case

JurisRéférence offers services to help you prepare a small claims court case. The organization will connect you with a lawyer, and assistance plans vary from $150 to $250. These services are offered in the Montréal, Québec City, Montmagny, and Beauce regions.

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