Did you buy an electronic device that was delivered late or was damaged on delivery? The following information may be of interest to you.

Merchants are required to respect an agreed-upon delivery date, whether the agreement was verbal or written.

Possible recourse in case of delivery delays

The law provides for recourse when a merchant fails to respect the date on which they agreed to make a delivery to you. But first, try to reach an agreement with the merchant.

If a merchant delivers a damaged electronic device, they need to:

  • repair it;
  • replace it; or
  • refund payment.

Having an electronic device replaced

You cannot request a damaged electronic device be replaced by a new one, but you can negotiate with the merchant to try to convince them to do so. However, if a repair would not bring the electronic device back to its original state, you can request it be replaced.

Tools made available by the Office

To help you resolve your problem, the Office has made various tools available to you. First, refer to the Resolve a problem with a merchant section, which presents the various steps to follow. Among other things, you will find suggestions on negotiating with a merchant in order to reach an agreement.

The Office also makes available information kits tailored to problems of an exclusively civil nature. They cover reasonable durability of goods, deliveries and non-conformity of goods or services. The Download an information kit page provides all the information you need.

Last update : June 27, 2023

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