Are you thinking about filing a complaint against a merchant? The Office de la protection du consommateur explains how you can go about it.

What is the role of the Office regarding complaints?

The Office has the responsibility to manage complaints about a merchant or a situation that causes problems.

If your complaint is about a subject that does not fall within the Office’s jurisdiction, such as housing or insurance, we will direct you to the organization that can help you. The Office does not intervene in transactions between 2 consumers.

If your complaint relates to a subject that does fall within the Office’s jurisdiction, we will inform you about your rights and recourse options. We will also provide tools that will help you settle the situation. However, it remains your responsibility to communicate and negotiate with the merchant. It is impossible for the Office to intervene in every situation that is reported to us by consumers.

Step 1: Consult the Office’s website

Before you file a complaint against a merchant or report a situation that causes problems, we invite you to consult the website section that addresses the topic you are concerned about. These sections can be accessed from the menu at the left of the section dedicated to consumers. The information provided on the website will help you verify whether the merchant has failed to meet his or her obligations.

If such is the case, the website will probably help you find a way to solve the problem. You can also contact the Office to file a complaint against the merchant.

Step 2 : Contact the Office

To file a complaint, you must contact us to speak with an officer, who will take note of all the necessary information in connection with the situation. The officer will verify whether your complaint is receivable, that is, if it is about a subject that falls within the Office’s jurisdiction. If it does, he or she will enter the complaint in the merchant’s file. 

If a merchant has committed an offence against the law, the officer may ask you to send all documents relevant to the situation: written evaluation, invoice, contract, warranty document, etc. The officer or another Office employee may subsequently contact you to find out more.

If your complaint does not fall within the Office’s jurisdiction, we will direct you to the organization that can help you.

Contact us to file a complaint

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Last update : January 8, 2018

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