Here are examples of small claims court judgments, where consumers asserted their legal warranty rights. This tool can be useful to you in your negotiations with a merchant. For example, it could help you determine a reasonable durability period for your item or estimate the amount of compensation for damages to which you may be entitled. 

Cautionary note

These judgment summaries are presented for reference purposes only. An application that was settled in favour of a consumer in one situation may not necessarily result in the same ruling for another consumer. 

Several factors can influence a judge's decision regarding a reasonable durability period for an item. These include the price paid, contract clause provisions, the conditions under which the  item is used, etc. Remember that each case is different, and every decision is rendered on the basis of the evidence brought before the court.  

Exemples of judgments

Television stopped working 1 ½ years after purchase

Claim allowed in part


Purchase price: $649.99

Claim for $1,483.94

  • $1,118.54 for the cost of repairs;
  • $200 for storage costs;
  • $165.40 for attorney fees incurred in connection with sending the demand letter.

Amount awarded


Estimated cost of repairs and storage costs

Full judgment (in French only)

Tremblay-Bérubé c. Panasonic Canada inc.

June 2013

Television developed intermittent problem (screen would go black) six months after purchase

Claim allowed


Purchase price: $787.87

Claim for $787.87

Reimbursement of purchase price

Amount awarded


Full judgment (in French only)

Dionne Dubreuil c. Samsung Électronics Canada inc.

April 2013

Television stopped working after 2 ½ years of use

Claim allowed


Purchase price: $1,500

Amount of claim not specified

Amount awarded


  • $417.30 for repair costs;
  • $74.74 to reimburse cost of estimate;
  • $200 for inconvenience suffered.

Full judgment (in French only)

Bellemare c. LG Electronics Canada

January 2013

Lamp and optical unit of television broke less than three years after purchase

Claim allowed in part


Price paid: $2,538, plus tax

Claim for $1,397.56

Reason not specified

Amount awarded


Replacement of optical unit

Full judgment (in French only)

Roy c. Hitachi Home Electrics (America) Inc.

January 2013

Continuing your search

You can also consult other court decisions concerning legal warranties using the search engine available free of charge on the SOQUIJ website (in French only).

Last update : June 27, 2023

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