The Government Sustainable Development Strategy 2015-2020 (text in French only) aims to mobilize public organizations to enable the necessary shift within society. It is based on the principle that the search for sustainable development in government activities must be integrated in order to gradually replace non-viable development modes. The strategy has been extended until 2022.

The Office has produced a Sustainable Development Action Plan 2021-2022 (PADD) (text in French only). This plan specifies the government objectives to which the Office can contribute by taking into account its responsibilities in accordance with its mission, mandate, competencies and scope of intervention.

The table below presents the Office’s PADD commitments.

Government Objective Action Indicator and Target

1.1 Strengthen environmentally responsible management practices in public administration

Reduce the use of paper in day-to-day operations

Adoption of a digitization procedure: procedure adopted

Promote sustainable mobility in business travel

Implementation of a carpooling tool on the Office’s Intranet: Implementation completed

Make the computer systems more energy efficient

Percentage of employees and students for whom physical IP telephony has been replaced by software IP telephony: 90%

1.2 Strengthen the consideration of sustainable development principles by government departments and public bodies

Take sustainable development principles into account in the planning of structural actions

Number of bills or draft regulations that have taken into account principles of sustainable development: one bill or one draft regulation

1.3 Promote the adoption of public participation approaches in the development and implementation of government policies and measures

Consult with stakeholders during the development and review of bills and draft regulations

Number of consultations in the preparation of bills and draft regulations: one consultation held per bill or draft regulation prepared by the Office

1.5 Strengthen access to and participation in cultural life as a driver of social, economic and territorial development

Promote the Office’s role to protect consumers in Québec

Planned communications activities (webpages, publications on social media, press releases) to mark the Office’s 50th anniversary: activities held

2.5 Help consumers make responsible choices

Implement tools and activities to help consumers make responsible choices

Publication of a Protégez-Vous guide (in French only) as part of the Office’s 50th anniversary: guide published

Publication of judgment summaries on legal warranties on the Office’s website: 456 judgment summaries published

Updates to the content and tools for the consumer information kit on the reasonable durability of goods: update completed and posted on the Office’s website

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Last update : June 11, 2021