Prearranged funeral services and the prepurchase of sepultures are important contracts. Take all the time you need to make the best choice.

Compare establishments

Get information from several establishments in order to compare prices. Vendors are under the obligation of presenting you with a detailed price list.

Many vendors offer packages, i.e. a combination of services that are established in advance and cannot be separated. If you are not interested in some of these services, negotiate a price reduction that is equivalent to the deal.

Enquire about the reputation of the establishments that interest you most and visit them. You will be able to check if they meet your expectations.

Get more information

Protégez-Vous magazine suggest resources to help you shop around. On the Web site of the magazine, you can read the special report on “prearranged funeral services” (in French only) as well as the Guide pratique sur la succession (in French only) prepared in collaboration with Éducaloi and the Chambre des notaires du Québec. Some content is reserved to subscribers. You can consult the French hardcopy version of these magazines at your local library.

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