Prearranged funeral services and prepurchased sepultures involve considerable sums of money. Take the time to learn about these services thoroughly before making a decision.

Why purchase prearranged funeral services?

You can deal with the details of the funeral services and the purchase of sepultures in advance. These arrangements will respect your wishes. You will prevent your family from having to make difficult decisions generally required within a short period of time and while they are still dealing with grief.

You will pay the current price of a service that will be rendered at a later date. Even if many years go by before the services are rendered, no supplementary fees can be charged.

The vendor must deposit 90% of the amount you pay for future services into a trust account. The vendor must deposit the entire amount if it pertains to a prepurchased sepulture. These amounts are protected should the business shut down or the vendor go into bankruptcy.

Facts to consider when purchasing prearranged funeral services

Funeral services can be provided a long time after they are purchased. During this period, you may want to modify or cancel the contract for various reasons. This could lead to penalties of up to 10% of the amount of your contract.

You cannot cancel a prepurchased sepultures contract that is entered into at the establishment of the vendor. You must be sure of your choice before signing any document. If the contract was negotiated or signed elsewhere than at the vendor’s establishment, you have a period of 30 days to change your mind.

Register of prearranged funeral services contracts and prepurchased sepulture contracts

The Register of prearranged funeral services contracts and prepurchased sepulture contracts was implemented on January 18, 2021 in order to make it easier to locate any “prearrangement” contracts a person may have entered into before death. Among other things, this register will ensure that your final wishes are respected after death. It could also help your loved ones avoid having to pay for agreements that already exist.

For more information, refer to the page titled Knowing About the Existence of the Register.

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