The Office de la protection du consommateur financially supports certain projects from non-profit organizations who share the mission of protecting consumers. The projects that we support deal with consumer problems that are aligned with the strategic objectives of the Office.


The Office supports the projects of these organizations through 2 funds:

  • the Fund dedicated to projects and strategic partnerships;
  • the Fund dedicated to consumer education and information.

The budget of these funds is $100,000 per year.

Eligibility criteria

To check if your association is eligible under the terms of these funds, consult the Cadre de gestion du Fonds des projets et des partenariats stratégiques et du Fonds d’éducation et d’information des consommateurs (312.2 KB) (in French only). To find out more about these funds, please write to us at

The presented projects are studied by a selection committee composed of the Office’s board members and are considered in terms of:

  • the priorities identified for the current year;
  • the impact of the projects;
  • the influence of the projects.

List of funded projects

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Last update : May 3, 2021