Did Kim Pay Too Much?


  • Learn about certain consumer rights and recourses;
  • Find out how to assert consumer rights.


After reading the scenario involving the Price Accuracy Policy, students are asked to analyze the case based on statutory requirements.



Tell students the class will be participating in a workshop on the Consumer Protection Act. Ask students:

  • Do you know about the Price Accuracy Policy? What does it say?
  • What is its purpose? (to protect consumers)
  • When does it apply?
  • Have you or your parents exercised your rights with a retailer under the Price Accuracy Policy?


Divide the class into teams of three or four students. Distribute the Student Document and the Price Accuracy Policy Checklist and ask the teams to read the scenario and fill out the table.

Bring the class together again and go over the exercise with the Answer Key.

There is also a quiz on price accuracy on the Office website.


Ask students:

  • What are you taking away from this exercise?