Your credit card

Objective :

  • Teach students about consumer rights;
  • List the areas of intervention governed by the Consumer Protection Act;
  • Explain the roles of organizations and institutions that can tell consumers more about their rights and obligations;
  • Learn about the recourses available to consumers and merchants in asserting their rights.

Description :


Humorous video about getting a 1st credit card. Several topics are discussed, such as:

  • the cardholder’s responsibilities;
  • the importance of shopping around for your card;
  • the risks associated if you don’t pay off all you owe every month; 
  • the credit limit;
  • etc.

Equipment :

  • Internet connection;
  • Your credit card video;
  • IWB or projector;
  • Speakers.

Introduction :

A teacher's guide (in French only) is being developed and will be made available shortly. Among other things, it will allow the teacher to deepen the notions covered in the video.