Ad Hunting

Objective :

  • Realize the influence that advertising exerts over us;
  • Recognize advertising strategies used to sell products.

Description :

After some observation work to identify ads on a poster, students must be on the lookout for advertising in their environment (while travelling by car or public transit, at the mall, at the grocery store, at home, etc.). Students then take part in a classroom discussion on advertising.

Equipment :

Introduction :

30 minutes

The teacher presents the Ad Hunting poster on the board and gives students a copy of it. Students must identify as many ads as possible and circle them on the sheet.

Give students enough time to find the ads.

Have students share their answers with the rest of the class and use the Answer Key found after the Ad Hunting poster.

Ask the students:

  • Where did you find the ads in the illustration?
  • Were you surprised by any places in the illustration? Which ones?

Instructions :

This activity should be completed as homework.

Ask each student to pick a place where he or she would like to check out the advertising over the coming weekend.

The students conduct their research using the Ad Analysis Table.

Once back in class, take about 30 minutes to ask students to share the results of their research with the rest of the class.

List the places and forms of advertising that students forgot.

Conclusion :

Ask students:

  • What is your conclusion regarding the number ads you found?
  • What places were you surprised to find advertising?
  • What forms of advertising surprised you?
  • What ads made you want to buy the product, and why?