Often, itinerant salespeople show up at your home when you are not ready for them. They may try to make you believe that their offer is a real bargain and that it is a one-time opportunity.

Compare prices

Before entering into a contract with an itinerant merchant, shop around. Compare the quoted price with at least 2 other suppliers to make sure that the merchant’s offer is competitive.

Generally speaking, an offer that is made today should still be valid tomorrow. Is a merchant hurrying you into a contract to have work done based on the fact that he currently has other clients in your neighbourhood? Take the time to think over his offer. The Office de la protection du consommateur recommends that you refrain from signing a contract immediately.

Collect information

It is advisable to ask the representative to give you a copy of the documents associated with the contract that he wishes to sign with you. You will be able to go over the information and appreciate the value of the offer at your leisure.

You recommend this page: https://www.opc.gouv.qc.ca/

Last update : May 3, 2021

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