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iPub Teaching Scenario (In French only)

This activity involves analyzing a series of ads to help students become more aware of advertising strategies.

Author : Réseau pédagogique neufchatelois

Subject : Advertising

Type : Discussion, Observation

Grade : Elementary Cycle 3; Secondary Cycle 1

Length : 75 minutes

Buy Nothing Day

Students learn to differentiate needs from wants and create a special show or performance.

Author : HabiloMédias

Subject : Advertising, Responsible Consumption

Type : Discussion, Creation, Reflection

Grade : Secondary Cycle 2; Secondary Cycle 1

Length : Variable

Time to Ad Up!

Students learn about advertising strategies by creating a commercial ad.

Author : Office de la protection du consommateur

Subject : Advertising

Type : Creation, Arts and Crafts, Discussion

Grade : Elementary Cycle 3

Length : 1 hour to 2 hours

Who's on First? Alcohol Advertising and Sports

In this workshop, students learn to better understand their behaviours and their perceptions of the sports and advertising world.

Author : HabiloMédias

Subject : Advertising

Type : Debate, Discussion, Research, Brainstorming, Survey

Grade : Elementary Cycle 3; Secondary Cycle 1

Length : 3 days

The Anatomy of Cool

This activity prompts students to become aware of the role that media play in determining what objects or people are considered “cool.”

Author : HabiloMédias

Subject : Advertising

Type : Arts and Crafts, Discussion, Quiz, Brainstorming, Teamwork

Grade : Elementary Cycle 2; Elementary Cycle 3

Length : 2 to 3 hours