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Losing Your Shirt

This activity helps students better understand the inequitable working conditions in developing countries.

Author : Établissement vert Brundtland (adaptation of “D’un commerce agréable… et équitable”)

Subject : Advertising, Responsible Consumption

Type : Arts and Crafts, Discussion, Reflection

Grade : Elementary Cycle 3

Length : 3 hours

Advertising to Kids

This activity shows students why ads targeting kids under age 13 are prohibited by law and the main aspects of the legislation. 

Author : Office de la protection du consommateur

Subject : Advertising

Type : Discussion, Research, Presentation

Grade : Elementary Cycle 3; Secondary Cycle 1

Length : 2 hours

Marketing to Teens: Gender Roles in Advertising

Students reflect on the sexual stereotypes shown in ads.

Author : HabiloMédias

Subject : Advertising

Type : Discussion, Reflection, Teamwork, Creation, Presentation

Grade : Secondary Cycle 1; Secondary Cycle 2

Length : 20 minutes

Online Marketing to Kids: Strategies and Techniques

These discussions and exercises are designed to raise student awareness about online marketing techniques used to target young people on the Internet.

Author : HabiloMédias

Subject : Advertising

Type : Creation

Grade : Secondary Cycle 1

Length : Can spread over several courses

Simplicité volontaire et surconsommation – Rafale simplifie la chose (In French only)

These informative texts discuss the needs that lead to consumption, how consumption affects the environment, voluntary simplicity, and ways to consume less. 

Author : Ministère du Développement durable, Environnement et Lutte contre les changements climatiques

Subject : Responsible Consumption

Type : Discussion, Information, Quiz

Grade : Elementary Cycle 2

Length : Variable