The Declaration of services to the public presents the commitments of the Office de la protection du consommateur regarding the quality of its services.

The tracking charts present the commitments contained in the Declaration that were reached during each fiscal year, from April 1st to March 31st.

Our mission

The Office de la protection du consommateur:

  • protects consumers and monitors the application of the laws under its responsibility through monitoring activities, inspections and investigations that could result in sanctions;
  • informs consumers collectively and individually;
  • educates consumers and receives their complaints;
  • fosters concerted action among the stakeholders of the consumer market (consumers, merchants and the associations representing them);
  • represents the interests of consumers in dealings with public organizations operating in Québec, Canada and worldwide.

Our vision

Informed consumers and responsible merchants for a balanced market.

Our services

As part of the services offered to both the public and the merchants, the Office:

  • releases information through its Web site, social media and its automated voice response system;
  • provides personalized answers to requests for information that are received in person, by telephone, regular mail or fax;
  • receives complaints from consumers regarding merchants and informs them of their rights and recourse;
  • provides consumers with tools, such as information packages and formal notice forms, to help them solve any problem they may have regarding a merchant;
  • conducts information and awareness-raising campaigns as well as educational activities;
  • issues permits to merchants from the following sectors:
    • travel,
    • collection of debts,
    • motor vehicle merchant or recycler;
    • health centres (workout or weight loss centres),
    • itinerant merchants (goods or services sold elsewhere than at a place of business, for example: on the street, at a shopping centre or door to door),
    • extended warranties (additional coverage warranties) for automobiles and motorcycles,
    • money lending;
  • issues certificates to travel counsellors and travel agency managers;
  • compensates consumers when merchants who no longer respect their obligations hold a permit from the Office requiring a security deposit. If a claim concerns a motor vehicle merchant or recycler, the Office will refer the consumer to the company or association that answers for the license holder, and they will be responsible for processing the consumer’s claim.

In the travel sector, consumers dealing with travel agents can benefit from compensation under the Compensation fund for customers of travel agents which is used when travel agents cease operations or service providers do not fulfill their obligations.

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Last update : May 3, 2021