This online service enables you to :

  • request or renew a travel counsellor certificate (you must first pass an exam);
  • change your contact information (under the Regulation respecting travel agents, travel counsellors are required to indicate their personal contact information);
  • check whether your certificate is valid;
  • become affiliated with a travel agency or change your affiliation;
  • pay the duties that apply to your certificate. Note that the payments must be made online by credit card, no payment will be accepted by phone.

The Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC) can also send you information concerning your work as a counsellor or the renewal of your certificate. Therefore, make sure you enter a personal email address to which you will always have access.


The responsibility for providing the information and declarations required for the issue or maintenance of your certificate is yours alone. No other person may complete this process for you.

   Access the online Travel Counsellor Certification Management service Access online certification

ClicSÉQUR authentication service

To access or register for the online service, you must first authenticate your identity through clicSÉQUR, the Québec government's authentication service. You will then be redirected to the OPC website.

To register, you must have on hand :

  • the licence number of the travel agency with which you have a service contract. You can find this number by using the Get information about a merchant tool (in French only).
  • the credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) that you will be using to pay your certificate duties.

Frequently asked questions

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