The methods you can use to collect a debt are governed by law. They must respect the debtor.

Consequences of failing to obey the law

If you fail to obey the law, you could be liable to a fine of $300 to $12,000, as a natural person (an individual).

Moreover, if you fail to conduct your operations honestly, the Office could suspend or cancel your certificate, or refuse to renew it.


You are not allowed to use threats, harassment or intimidation to collect a debt.

For example, you are prohibited from threatening the debtor that you will:

  • initiate legal proceedings against him or her if the amounts due are not paid;
  • let others know that he or she has not paid his or her debts.

Additional payments

You are not allowed to:

  • claim from a debtor a higher amount than what is owed;
  • claim collection fees or a percentage of the amount owing for having granted an extension to the debtor to make the payment.

Procedures with the creditor

You are prohibited from providing the creditor with letterhead from the collection agent whom you represent or the text of a notice of payment the creditor could send directly to the debtor.

You may not encourage the creditor to initiate legal proceedings against the debtor by indicating that you would cover the costs.


You may not contact the debtor or his or her family or friends outside the authorized schedule.

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Last update : May 3, 2021

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