Are you wondering about your rights as a consumer, in particular with the introduction of the vaccination passport? Have you purchased a ticket for a show or other event that was cancelled because of COVID-19? The following questions may be of interest to you.

Important notice concerning the COVID-19 vaccination passport

The requirement to show a vaccination passport to access certain locations or engage in certain activities is not under the authority of the Office. To find out more, refer to the vaccination passport webpage at Qué

I have tickets for a show, an event or an attraction. What are my options if, for example, I am unable to attend because of the requirement to show a vaccination passport? i

First, check your contract, as it may contain conditions for cancellation or reimbursement.

You could also try to reach an agreement with the merchant. If you are unable to reach an agreement, you could take your case to court. However, the outcome of your case remains uncertain, given that the vaccination passport requirement is an unprecedented situation.

Can I be reimbursed if the show or event for which I have a ticket was cancelled because of the measures imposed by the government? i

If the show or event was cancelled as a result of a government order in connection with COVID-19, the merchant must reimburse you, unless the contract contains a valid force majeure clause.

The merchant may offer you a credit instead of a cash reimbursement or propose a new date for the event. You are free to accept or reject the merchant’s offer.

What can I do if the merchant refuses to reimburse a ticket for an event that was cancelled because of COVID-19? i

You are entitled to claim a reimbursement, even if the merchant announces that the event is to be held at a later date, regardless of whether that date has been determined. If the merchant refuses to reimburse you, you can send the merchant a formal demand stating that you expect to be reimbursed; otherwise you will submit your case to the courts.

If the purchase was made using a credit card, you may be entitled to a chargeback, depending on the deadlines and applicable terms. To do so, you will have to file a request with the issuer of your credit card.

Last update : October 12, 2021

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