Persons selling time share vacations recruit potential clients by using different strategies. Regardless of the strategy that is used, you will attend presentations where sales persons will try to make you sign a contract.

Coupons filled out at a trade fair or show

Did you fill out a coupon to participate in a draw for a free trip or left your contact information with someone during a trade fair or show?

A few weeks later you might receive an invitation or a telephone call. The person will tell you that you have been selected to participate in a draw or that you have won a prize. To be eligible to participate in the draw or to redeem your prize you must present yourself at a location determined by the merchant. Some promoters may invite you to spend a weekend at an enchanting location, a hotel or an inn. On site, experienced sales people will rave about the advantages of time share vacations.

Selling points

Despite what the representatives tell you, prices are not likely to skyrocket the next morning. It is a tactic that is used to make you sign as quickly as possible, without leaving you time to seriously consider the offer. In most cases, promoters are extremely insistent and do not hesitate to pressure potential clients.

Last update : January 11, 2018

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