By signing a time share vacation contract, you agree to pay for a vacation year after year until the expiration of the contract. Time sharing is an expression that is most often used to describe this type of vacation.

Different formulas

One of the time sharing formulas consists in concluding a contract under which you agree buy points. These points can then be exchanged for stays, cruises or for the use of a condominium located in selected resorts or vacation spots.

Other formulas consist of the long-term use of an accommodation unit located in a vacation complex; such use extending over a specific period in the year. The same unit can then accommodate different vacationers every week of the year.

Unit exchanges

Some promoters will offer you to exchange your right to use your accommodation unit for the right to use a different unit. This unit can be located in a different area or in a different country.

Technically, these exchange opportunities are not an integral part of the initial contract. They must be the subject of another written agreement with the company in charge of the exchanges. This often leads to registration and participation fees and yearly memberships. Additional fees can also be charged based on the time of the year that is selected.

Last update : January 11, 2018

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