Make sure to collect all the necessary information before signing a time share contract. It is important to know what is included in the contract and what is not.

Contracts that are difficult to cancel

Once the contract has been signed, you are legally bound to honour it. It can only be cancelled in specific cases and after legal proceedings have occurred, a process that can be both long and costly. The Consumer Protection Act does not specify a strict time period within which to cancel such contracts.

Time to consider the offer

The Office de la protection du consommateur advises you to never sign a contract immediately. Before signing, ask for some time to consider the offer. Also ask for a copy of the contract.

You can use this time to consult a legal advisor. The advisor can explain the scope of your future obligations, the possible risks involved in your commitment as well as your rights and obligations.

Additional fees

Are you required to pay additional fees over and above the amount stipulated in the contract? They can be fees related to the maintenance of the accommodation unit. These fees can often reach a few hundred dollars for one year and must be paid even if you do not use the unit.

From time to time, fees related to the reservation of the unit or to the taking of mandatory meals may also be required.

Contract period

What is a contract period? Some contracts bind the consumer for a few years while others can cover a period of 30, 40 or 50 years.


If your contract consists in using the same accommodation unit for a determined period every year, ask a few questions. The building, the surrounding area, the selected season and the presence of recreational facilities are determining factors in helping you negotiate a good price.

Content of the contract

The time sharing formula usually presents itself in the form of a simple right of use. This right does not make you an owner. The formula is similar to a very long-term lease that you pay in advance. There are several types of contracts, and some might contain several pages.

The Consumer Protection Act prohibits unfair business practices but the content of the contract relies solely on the free negotiation process between the promoter and yourself.

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Last update : January 11, 2018

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