Would you like to organise a group trip? Some activities are reserved for travel agents who hold a Québec licence.

You are authorised to be in charge of a group trip (without the assistance of a travel agent) in 2 situations:

  • you are organising a trip on a voluntary basis;
  • you are organising a short occasional trip to Québec.

Organising a trip on a voluntary basis

You can take charge of the organisation of a group trip if you do it on a voluntary basis. You may not enjoy any privileges, such as remuneration or a rebate on the cost of your trip.

No fees may be required from the participants to cover the organisation of the trip. The travellers share the actual costs of transportation and accommodation, namely the amount that is billed to the organiser.

Organising a short occasional trip to Québec

You can also organise a group trip if it meets all of these conditions:

  • it is occasional, meaning that it does not occur regularly or frequently (like at the end of every school year, the 1st Sunday of each month, etc.);
  • the destination is in Québec;
  • it lasts less than 72 hours, if the organisation of the trip is taken over by a company, corporation or association and that it is solely reserved for its employees or members;
  • it lasts less than 48 hours in other cases.

Buying a group trip organised by an agency

If the group trip does not comply with one of the 2 presented situations it must be organised by a travel agency. The agency must make the accommodation and transportation reservations.

As a trip participant, you must pay travelling services directly to the agency, for example, by making out a cheque in the name of the agency. However, nothing prevents an intermediary to be assigned to collect the payments. In doing so, you will be able to benefit from the financial protection of the Compensation fund for customers of travel agents. Make sure you get a receipt: this small detail will be important if you run into a problem and need to request a reimbursement.

As the trip is entirely organised by an agency, a person accompanying the group, such as a teacher who joins a group of students, could enjoy certain privileges. For example, the travel agency could offer the teacher a rebate on a future trip at its discretion.

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Last update : January 11, 2018

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