You can try to seek compensation if you believe that the received tourism services were not consistent with the agreement that you reached with your travel agent.

The travel services that were provided to you must comply with:

  • the description contained in your contract with the travel agency;
  • what the travel agent told you;
  • the produced advertising materials.


The law makes provisions for recourse when a merchant does not respect what he or she told you or advertised. But first, try to reach an agreement with the merchant. The Negotiating with a merchant page provides details on the procedure.

If the negotiation fails, you can send a formal notice to the merchant. The Sending a formal notice page provides details on this subject.

If the merchant fails to respond to the request indicated in your formal notice, you can initiate court proceedings. The small claims court page provides details on the procedure.

If you present your case you must notify the Office de la protection du consommateur of the action you wish to take. The page on how to Contact us lists our contact information.

Court judgment

If you are successful in your claim, you can have the judgment enforced against the travel agent.

If the agent is unable to pay you (business closure, for example), the surety paid by the travel agent or the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents can be used to compensate you.

A surety is an amount of money that the travel agent gives to the Office to receive a licence to operate. It can be used to compensate you if the agent does not respect his or her obligations.

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