By law, only a person who holds a funeral director’s permit, or his or her representative, can negotiate or enter into a prearranged funeral services contract and a prepurchased sepulture contract.

This licence is issued by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux. To check whether a vendor holds a licence, you can consult the Répertoire des entreprises de services funéraires (directory of funeral services businesses - in French only) on the website of the Ministère.

Caution: Insurance for funeral expenses

A prearranged funeral services contract and a prepurchased sepulture contract are different from an insurance for funeral expenses contract, which is prohibited under the Civil Code of Québec. An insurance contract whereby a person (or a business) undertakes to provide goods or services upon the death of the insured person is null and void.

However, the beneficiary of a life insurance policy can, after the death of the insured person, legally use or spend, in whole or in part, the money from this insurance policy to pay for this person's funeral expenses.

Last update : May 6, 2019

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