The Compensation fund for customers of travel agents usually reimburses all the amounts paid to a travel agent in return for tourism services.

The amount of the compensation could be limited if many people are affected by a single situation.

Items not covered by the fund

The fund does not reimburse the following:

  • "Non tourism-related" goods or services (the purchase of travel insurance, tourist guide services, luggage, etc.);
  • Losses due to services that were not performed or provided, such as wasted vacation days or loss of salary caused by a flight cancellation;
  • Travel services that comply with the agreement reached with your travel agent, but you are dissatisfied with. For example, meals that are not served at the time you requested during a cruise.

Reimbursement by a third party

If you receive reimbursement from a third party, such as an insurance company, you may not receive compensation from the fund.

However, if you received a partial reimbursement you can claim the difference from the fund. For example, you paid $1,000 for services that were not provided and received a $400 reimbursement from your insurance company. You can claim the remaining $600 from the fund.

Reimbursement delay

The Office opens a claim file when it first receives a reimbursement request from a traveler. The Office issues refunds within 6 months after the opening of a claim file. 

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Last update : June 30, 2016

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