The Compensation fund for customers of travel agents can be used to reimburse you if you did not receive the services for which you paid.

To be eligible to receive this form of financial protection, you must have done business with a travel agency that holds a licence issued by the Office de la protection du consommateur.

Travel agency closure

You can file a claim if the travel agency closes its doors between the date that you purchased your trip and the date of your departure.

Transportation, accommodation or other travel services not received

You can ask for a refund when service providers (your airline carrier or hotel, for example) are unable to respect their obligations.

If your flight is cancelled, the airline carrier must refund the total amount of your tickets or offer you seats on another flight. If they fail to do so, the fund could offer a refund.

Immediate departure or necessary repatriation

The compensation fund can provide you with the money required to ensure your return home, for example, if the airline cannot provide the service.

Court judgment

You feel that the received services do not comply with your agreement with the travel agent but the agent refuses to compensate you. You can take legal action to enforce your rights. The page about Dissatisfaction with received services presents the steps to follow.

If you are successful in your claim, you can have the judgment enforced against the travel agent. If the agent is unable to pay you (business closure, for example), the surety paid by the travel agent or the fund can be used to compensate you.

A surety is an amount of money that the travel agent gives to the Office to receive a licence to operate. It can be used to compensate you if the agent does not respect his or her obligations.

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Last update : August 18, 2016

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